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You are exploring the web site of Knowing1 a social enterprise company that provides:

  • 1-2-1 coaching, counselling and psychotherapy to individuals;
  • skills development programmes, workshops, consultancy and advisory services to organisations dealing with human factors in organisational development and change.

Our Vision: Is to build a better society through the application and development of Human Givens Psychology to improve the mental fitness of as many people as possible by working with them as individuals, or as members of groups, organisations, institutions and communities.

All human development is guided by our biological drives [our human givens] playing out in the environments we find ourselves in. You are invited to find out how Human Givens counselling psychologists apply research based knowledge, techniques and  understanding to influence psychological fitness.

Human Givens Psychology is an organising approach to applied psychology incorporating research and knowledge from across numerous scientific disciplines such as neurobiology, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology, social psychology to name a few. Human Givens ideas are explained in different sections of this web site.

Please get involved in discussions and feedback on topics covered, your participation helps to build a community of people interested in learning about how to prevent, reduce and more effectively manage mental distress.

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