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Our services are all designed to improve your mental well being. Psychological fitness, just like physical fitness benefits from some focused attention from time to time. People benefit from the outcomes of our services for lots of different reasons, the most important one being that they end up feeling better about themselves, more able to cope with the paradoxes of modern life.  We avoid the overuse of ‘psychological labels’  which result in ‘pigeonhole’ perspectives that are not always useful in the real world of our clients. Everyone of us is unique, our clients are all interesting people with complex adaptive minds that respond in different ways to life’s stresses and pleasures.

A Human Givens practitioner will  work with you:

  • to find out about your life and the difficulties you are experiencing in the here and now without dwelling unnecessarily on the past;
  • to identify which of your innate needs are not being appropriately met and why;
  • to agree achievable, realistic, meaningful outcome goals;
  • to identify which of your many natural, internal resources can be used more appropriately to get your innate needs met;
  • to prioritise achievable actions, starting with small manageable steps to achieve your outcomes;
  • to guide and support you through your personal change programme at a pace that suits you;
  • to develop and empower you as an individual.

Our services can be usefully catergorised across three main groupings:

  • Behavioural Change;
  • Emotional Change;
  • Personal Development.

The table below provides some guidance to the issues that we help people with in each of these categories.

Behaviour ChangeEmotional BalancePersonal Development
Addictions [all types]
Panic Attacks
Self Harming
Poor Sleep
Poor concentration
Social awkwardness
Relationship Problems
Low Self Esteem
Medical Conditions With Emotional Components
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Management Skills
Coping With Stress
Build Confidence
Coping With Change
Get Out Of A Rut
Improve Decision Making
Relationship Skills
Interview Skills

See the European Therapy Studies Institute checklist of what to expect from effective counselling or psychotherapy at:

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