For Organisations

Our expertise and focus is people motivation and behaviour.  Your customers experience and brand loyalty are all hugely the result of how your employees behave and the motivations of your customers. We use our knowledge and skills from a school of applied psychology called ‘Human Givens’  to connect up employee behaviours with organisational goals and objectives. Our organisational development services are delivered via;

  • Workshops and Seminars;
  • Learning & Development Packages;
  • Coaching and Counselling;
  • Consultancy.

The following table gives a range of available services that can be tailored to any organisational setting.

Learning & Development ProductsCoaching & CounsellingConsultancyWorkshops/Seminars
Stress Management
Management Skills
Performance Reviews
Sales Training

Performance Coaching
Team Coaching
Behaviour Change
Brand Values
Employee Engagement
Culture Change
Talent Management

Organisational EI
Stress Management
H2 Motivate people
Talent Development
Communicate Better

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