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When someone in the HR team uses the noun “performance’ it is normally about the notion of being able to measure, report on and manage work effectiveness to change outcomes. The idea that a performance management system contributes to how the organisation will accomplish something has been around for some time. Oodles of resources and money have been invested in developing them...

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Listening to client’s stories when they come for outplacement support, I frequently find many of them get caught out by the notion that in the face of constant rejection, they can continue to doggedly apply for jobs by harnessing will power over emotion. When hope, energy and motivation to keep this up drops, they get annoyed with themselves and becomeresources jigsaw increasingly self-critical. Not surprisingly their confidence takes a nosedive. The fact is that willpower rarely succeeds in trumping the things that go on in our imagination. This is because emotional memories are stronger and rejection is a strong emotion. If your imagination is pattern matching [consciously or unconsciously] with memories telling you how terrible everything is, you cannot simply bully yourself into thinking or feeling differently. Willpower alone will not protect you from the emotional pain and damage that unemployment and rejection can cause. What is needed is different to willpower, it is emotional resilience, the ability to understand what your needs are and how to use your own unique resources to these needs met even when dealing with difficult life challenges.

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Brain Facts

  1. Our modern human brains are energy guzzlers’ using up about 20% of the oxygen in our blood and 25 percent of circulating blood glucose [sugar].
  2. 94% of the brains oxygen is used by the brains grey matter and 6% by the white matter.
  3. The brain is the fattest organ in the body – its composition being 60% fat.
  4. The brain has enough electrical power to light a 25-watt bulb.
  5. Your brain generates more electrical impulses in a singe day than all the telephones in the...
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Welcome to 2015.

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